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Now, some of you might be wondering: "Durr what is IC LOOC and OOC durr"

To put it short, they are the main styles of communication in HL2RP. I'll start off by  iterating the meanings of each acronym.


IC stands for "In Character" as in "In game." This includes regular talking, roleplaying, and other actions you do. IC IS NOT A STYLE OF COMMUNCATIONS WHERE YOU CAN USE ACRONYMS SUCH AS "LOL" OR "WUT". YOU MUST USE PROPER ENGLISH.

Here is a good example of regular IC talking:

"Hello, sir/ma'am, how are you today?"

"Same as usual. Bummed and beaten, like all the others."

Note I used capitals, puncuation, and end marks.

Here is NOT a good example of regular IC talking:

"Hello, sir/ma'am, how are you today?"

"wtf do u mean how am i felling??? i waz hit and shot but i still ran away lol"

Notice how the person did not use capitals, puncuation, had bad spelling errors, used acronyms, and used excessive end marks.

A kind note to you all: Ic actions CAN be reported OOC, either if you want to report something or just point out something funny (Note, I did not say must. No one wants to hear about you drinking water). Note this might result in metagaming. I will go over that later.

Please do not spam OOC with nonsense.


LOOC, or "Local out of character" is a style of communication where you speak as not your character but your own self. This means you say what YOU say. You can use acronyms, you can say whatever the heck you want. But please, do not flame other players in LOOC (Racism IS allowed only in IC, if your character is personally RACIST.)

To speak in LOOC, you type in ".//" or "[[" (without the quotes) before a sentence and then type out your sentence. It should look something like this: 

".// Hey bro, how ya doing? :3"

"[[ Hey bro, how ya doing? :3"

Note: LOOC;  This form of OOC only lets you speak OOC at a certain radius to other players.


OOC means "Out of character". It is simply the same as LOOC, but with a few differations. First off, to speak OOC, you type "//" before a sentence, then speak your sentence. Secondly, OOC is heard all around the server. Finally, OOC has a timer, to prevent spamming on OOC chat.

You can say whatever you want, but again, NO RACISM, NO FLAMING, AND NO ADMIN TROLLING


Metagaming = Kick, ban, or permaban (If used constantly). For those wondering what metagaming is, it's using LOOC or OOC information ICly.

Here is an example.

"Hello, sir. How are you today?"

"LOOC: My character just killed a person"

"What the hell!? YOU MURDERER!"

Metagaming is ABSOLUTLY not allowed in this server. Admins can check logs, that means they can see absolutly EVERYTHING that goes on in the server.

LOOC+OOC also means steam chat, or any kind of chat. Using any information from steam or other chatting with people and using them IC will result in a kick or ban. Or if you're lucky, a warning from an admin.

Don't you worry, if you forget this, a player would tell you that's metagaming, and then you can just say "Void" which means to disregard a recent activity or something of the manner. He would forgive you and you could both continue RP.

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